MGN TV is the gaming entertainment division of MGN, the Multi-Gaming Network powered by Freedom!


We work with game developers, game publishers and game hardware manufacturers to spread awareness of new launches and major updates. And we honestly say if something sucks!

Each MGN TV article is categorized as one of the following:

Our team of writers use OVOB to combine video with compelling editorial text and screenshots about video games from established titles like World of Warcraft: Shadowlands to indie games like Dreamscaper.


OVOB is “one video, one blog”.

Why does Wikipedia have no video? Why does YouTube have no compelling editorial or screenshots, just video descriptions full of “follow me here” links and user comments? Why does not someone combine both into a single site?

Well, that is MGN TV, built with OVOB!

OVOB is based on the YouTube model of a “watch” page with “suggested videos” on the right. Each article starts with a video, like on YouTube, with expansive text and screenshots, like on Wikipedia. The reader can watch, listen and read, combining the best of both YouTube and Wikipedia in a single site.

OVOB is a proven strategy that gets us the front page of Google!

Dedicated sites

For large games, we build dedicated OVOB sites like:

A viki is a clever combination of video with wiki tenets. Similar to how OVOB is a video blog, a viki is a video wiki.

We also teach creators a career path in video at:

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