LEGENDARY CRAFTING | An Overview and Comparison | Ashes of Creation

One of the more interesting subjects that will also be one of the main progression paths for the majority of the player base in Ashes of Creation: Legendary Crafting!

This is not a guide to craft legendaries, but is just merely a breakdown of the information we currently have relating to the end game crafting and also a comparison of the legendary crafting in other MMOs.


This is going to be one of the main goals for a lot of players in Ashes of Creation. They also have the crafters name embedded on their tool tip as well. This name and bedding alone is a lot of motivation for crafters to become highly skilled in the artisan skills Ashes is offering.

Gears function in the exact same way as BDO in Ashes of Creation with the gear not binding itself to the players. Same level of prestige may exist for legendary gear.


Crafted legendaries exist in a more substantial way. The journey is the main factor that creates the memories of the MMOs and really connect you to the world on a personal level.

The way they do it in Guild Wars 2 is that they start you off with an achievement track unlocked from the legendary vendor. You are required to collect objects from specific events or from very specific spots in the world that will encourage you to explore and learn the lore of your weapon, while also gradually upgrading it each stage of the process unlocks you a new skin for the precursor.

A way that Ashes of Creation could implement this level of journey for the legendaries is through their relic system. For example, crafting a legendary gear would not only require the power from an active relic, but what if the legendary crafting was not unlocked until the power of multiple relics converged together creating something similar to a mystic forge.


Each of the nodes are governed by the aesthetics which the race contributed the most. The nodes could have a slight aesthetic influence from the gods which governs that race too. The order which the ancient Pirian elves used to worship was the order of truth, and the deity of this order was Sheol.

The pocket dimensions of the gods could be the gateway where we create very powerful and specific legendaries like in Guild Wars 2. One’s access to these pocket dimensions could only be available through special way where a node owns four relics and a portal is created at the same time. Which means these portals would only exist in really powerful and well-established nodes on the server.

These relics are powerful artifacts with a close connection to the essence. So converging four of them in close proximity could have a whole legendary question. Once the quests are complete and the portals are open, inside these god realms could be a special god forge which has similar functionality to the mystic forging in Guild Wars 2.


When a scientific node reaches level 6, the metropolis stage, the purchase of legendary glyphs are now available. These glyphs are likely to be one of the components required to craft legendary gear. You also purchase legendary crafting from metropolis level scientific nodes too.

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