COOKING! | An Overview and Comparison | Ashes of Creation

COOKING! A continuation of breaking down the artisan skills in Ashes of Creation with an overview and as well as a comparison to other MMOs.


Cooking is generally the skill that you take when you’re looking to make food items which provide your characters with various buffs. The question is, what is Ashes of Creation doing differently when it comes specifically to cooking? They are making cooking a very important skill in Ashes as it benefits many types of playstyle. Whether it be exploring, grinding quests, farming mobs, PVP-ing, or just chilling in your local tavern, cooking will be able to play a role in these.

How will cooking be able to provide in those mentioned roles you ask? Well, eating food within the world of Vera will provide your characters with special buffs. The quality of the food that you eat will determine the strength of the buff, and more importantly, the types of food that you eat will provide you with different kinds of buffs.


Cooking in Ashes of Creation is broken into multiple categories. Knowing having whether it’s just the two categories or it may branch into many other types is currently unknown. The first confirmed specializations is Brewing.


Taverns will play a huge part in cooking. A community buff through this taverns will be available in the form of tavern consumables. How these will function will likely follow a mechanic that is seen in World of Warcraft through an item called Feasts.


The food made in Black Desert when it comes to their cooking is very interesting as it is a very important part of the life skills side of their game. Their food is cut into three stages. When you have your food, you can hover over it and see what kind of buffs it provides.

This is still an Ashes of Creation article, though, BDO’s way of cooking and consuming food is the only known solution to keep ingredients in the economy relevant. Although Ashes may not mimic their way of cooking and food system as it is very unique, the ingredient sync is an important role on finding a way to keep the ingredients from being flooded. Also an important factor to the cooking artisan skill.

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