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What governing a node is really all about! Discussing a role within the government within a node and the impact that this can have across the node and across the server as a whole.

In Ashes of Creation, once a node reaches level three or the village stage, the one-week countdown begins. This countdown period enables players to establish citizenship within this newfound village. If they are coming from a different node, they would have o give up their citizen status at the other node.

Alpha One Village Node Layout

Once this one week timer is up , the next week begins the election process where citizens of this node will elect their government. During this time frame election, notices are mailed out to accounts of the node citizens and those who are running for positions can put their word in.


The process if this and the election process as a whole varies depending on the node type. Keep in mind though that only citizens of the node can put their name in the hat and only citizens can vote.

Divine nodes governments are chosen from the service oriented quests that prove faith and dedication to the node they are running for. Most of these devotion oriented tasks are on an individual basis and will not require any outside support even if you are not a well-known citizen of this node. You could still end up running this government.

Economic node governments are chosen from gold, meaning those with the most money will be able to buy and sell positions of power.

Military node governments will require a gladiatorial arena style event where participants will fight for the last man standing for control of this node. The thought around it is to make it a bit more balanced in terms of combat as a player will be able to build out a champion to fight for them instead of using their own characters. T hese champions would be equipped with gears and skills through quests along with the gold and material needed to make the stronger.

Scientific node governments will have a more traditional government election process which will be elected democratically having the players vote for who they wish to select. This may appear more of an appearance contest for control as guild masters, streamers, and such have a large impact on the on the game, may be more likely to be voted for than someone who is not known. These election processes will happen once evert month so the government can change up overtime and with this way, you won’t have the same person running the node forever.

This could change the impact if a war is declared whether you are prepared or not your node has the resources, so all of that falls into governing a node which can make or break how the node plays out.


Once you are picked by the people for the node’s government, you will head over to city hall which is a node building for the acting government. This will be the place where governing officials actually come together to discuss the future of the node and the direction you may want to take it. This is also where you will find the status of the node such as the economy elections, trade agreements, caravans, and more.


The supply needs of the node and what is needed to build and what they’re trying to build and help motivate the citizens to collect these resources as the more higher tier basically need more supplies. You may need and you will really need the support of your citizens to go out and collect these resources for the node to actually accomplish building these things as the node advances.


Mayors of the node are the leaders of the government. They get the final say and actually control over the development. Other governing officials will still be able to put their input in. They will be able to do many things that could make or break the node and can cause citizens to love or hate them such as allocating resources, taxes, and quests to help further the development of the node along with communicating and coordinating.

A node’s City Hall

The mayor will also receive more powers and responsibilities including special abilities and stats for sieges and events. They will also have the ability to deploy mayoral caravans which will establish routes with other nodes and they will also be able to obtain specific resources through caravan quests. Along with this, government officials will have much more powers at their disposal as well with the ability to do things such as marking foreign citizens of other nodes. Enemies of that node declaring war on nodes creating building projects which control which buildings are created on that node.


Controlling taxes, hiring mercenary NPCs, to defend the node during sieges, initiating quest driven systems that all players and not just citizens will be able to participate in allowing them to also give out items from the node’s treasury as rewards for these quests. They can also select the name of the node through a predetermined list. With that way, you don’t get nodes with inappropriate names within the server.


0:00 Introduction
0:21 Elections
1:08 Divine Node Government
1:28 Economic Node Government
1:38 Military Node Government
2:40 Scientific Node Government
3:25 Impact on Declaration of War
3:35 City Hall
3:54 Mayors of the Node
4:19 Needs of the Node
4:40 Mayor’s Responsibilities
5:14 Other Mayoral Duties
5:34 Outro

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