1. The first and most important limit for the freeholds is that you are only allowed one of these on your account. Meaning, no matter what character you are playing on, your freehold, its buildings, and progressions will be more of an account bound entity than a character bound one.
  2. As it stands, freeholds are approximately is half an acre in size which means absolutely nothing to us at this point as we need to see it in-game properly to understand the real size of a freehold blueprint. Freeholds have this size so that players can place them without fear of overlapping other players.
  3. The location of where you can place your freeholds still have no solid evidence and information to share as it is still in the making.

An interesting factor to take on with these freeholds are how to monetize them in some way. Selling the freeholds themselves is not going to be an option as they are more of an account progression type of deal. However, other services will be able to be monetized like the use of your crafting station and your artisan skills.

Players will advertise their services in a similar way by inviting people into their freeholds to use certain stations they have available, and not necessarily artisan related ones but may include some unique ones too.


The final mechanic really adds uniqueness of your freehold: the ability to name your buildings and how this link into your brand. Once you place your building, be it your mansion or smeltery, it prompts you to give it a name. This name is likely going to brand any business offers you plan to extend to any other players in the future.

This naming process is going to have fair amount of significance to it. The way the names are displayed is just by having it hover over your building when it is selected. It will give the building quite a lot more personality if the name was displayed on a sign post that was actually part of the building’s model instead.

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