PLAYER BUSINESSES | What to Expect? | Ashes of Creation

A continuation about the freehold information for Ashes of Creation.

All about the player businesses, how they may affect the economy of a server, and some speculation on the types of businesses viable for a player to monetize!


Businesses in Ashes of Creation basically means branching out your player shops to become a fully fledged business that has a real presence on the server. There are not a lot of games that allow you to license out your in-game shop to other players or actually have a building in one of the major cities that is your own, that seems pretty unique compared to others.


The existence of a business license is going to be something that requires a lot of investment. It may be a high level node, it may be expensive, or maybe exclusive to players who have achieved something specific in the game. In order to purchase a business license, you will need to own a very hard to obtain a meta title which meta achievements are grand achievements that is obtained after you complete a bunch of other achievements in the same category.


The most likely way Stephen and the team would take this businesses are just making the in-game shops and then hiring people to contribute their wares to it through their license, the kind of typical things an MMO would do. Offering this license to other players could allow them to use a player store slot in another node to consume the license and build your shop instead of their own custom one.

This shop would offer all the items you normally offer but the player who placed it gets a majority cut profit because it is technically using up their player store slot which is capped at one per player.


There is something that the developers could add to the cosmetics store to replace something we already have. We already know these player skins are already going to exist in the shops. What would be really cool is when your skills reach a certain level, it unlocks a shop skin for players who really go all out in the artisan skills can be proud of like the jewel crafter’s master skin could really be something amazing looking jewel store like an arabian merchant kind of vibe.

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