MONSTER COINS | An Overview and Comparison | Ashes of Creation

Discussing the monster coin system, it’s potential and comparing it with similar systems in other MMOs!


The monster coin system is probably one of the most unique systems that has been added to MMOs in a long time. It was originally tested during the adventures in the apocalypse with the horde mode having 50 players defenfing a town from waves of NPCs. However, it developed into what we currently have today which essentially allows players to play as hostile NPCs and attack nodes alongside them using rare coins dropped from monsters out in the world. They are also purchasable from the cosmetics store.


A system like this is bound to be exploited by players and farmed for maximum benefits. So what is Intrepid doing to stop this from happening? First of all, if a monster coin event occurs on a node you’re a citizen of, you are unable to use a coin to participate in the event. However, defense is still an option, additionally, if a monster is killed during the event, no loot will be available. Only AI controlled mobs will be available for loot.

Furthermore, a monster siege is broken into three tiers that requires one of three tiers of monster coin to allow you to participate legion coins are for the first tier. Spawning for nodes levels one to three, elite coins are for the next level spawning dungeon level mobs and their crew for a node between the village and metropolis stages. Lastly, the epic monster coins allow you to transform into legendary world boss size monsters which only spawns on the final note level.


If the monsters attacking the node succeed with wiping out the guards and players, they have free reign of the node’s facilities and useful NPCs. Meaning, rival citizens are able to use monster coins to rally the surrounding players farming the adjacent areas to defend and possibly overwhelm them. Defeating the defenders will allow you to disable and certain buildings and core NPCs for use such as repair, material, and even services like taxis and housing which gives the players no the part of this node a chance to get a decent foothold on the gathering spots and farming routes close to the node temporarily.

Successfully attacking or failure to defend the node from a monster coin event does not de-level or destroy the node. It is intended to just disable services for a short time.


The rewards of ruining your rival node’s day have incentives to participate in defending and attacking a node in a monster coin event. These come in the form of cosmetic rewards related to the monsters that are involved now. It’s unknown how these cosmetics will be dropping. They will most likely take the route of just dropping fragments required to craft the cosmetic piece or even a more aids routes like a low RNG drop chance.

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