Ashes of Creation MMORPG – Breaking Down Naval Content! (Updated 2021)

Ashes of Creation has many contents in store for many players and one of them is Naval contents. According to Intrepid Studios Creative Director Steven Sharif, Naval NPCs exist in and around oceans and they take the form of sailing NPCs, fortresses, whether that be large frigate or galleon based ships, and they take the form of raid bosses. However, you should take note that the following details are pre-Alpha, meaning changes may occur over time. 

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Here are is a break down of the Naval content:

0:27 Ships and Sailing

In Verra, there are three ship sizes that you can select before you set sail in the vast ocean. The first is Small which one to three crews can fit and it is made for solo content. The exact content of it is still unknown at the moment but there are believed to be used for fishing or setting up a business ferrying to other players as there will be no automated boats going from continent to continent. The second one is Medium which a group size of eight can ride the boat but it is said to be more challenging as you will have the might of a dungeon party in your team. However, you should take note that nothing has been verified yet regarding the matter. The last size is Large which is also known as galleons. It used for raids and a group of 40 can fit into the ship. 


1:47 Harbors and Ports

The moment you have selected the ship size you want to use, you and your crew can head now to the harbor or port for they are the only place where you can summon your ship with the exemption of naval caravans. In the harbor, there will also be quests that you can do which is relevant to naval content as well as services that involve your ship.



2:11 Ship Classes

There will also be various activities from PvE to PvP which means, selecting a ship class will be as necessary as choosing the size of the ship. Certain ship classes will have the ability to render crowd control (CC) effects on other ships, such as harpoon effects. 

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2:30 Caravans

According to Creative Director Steven Sharif, Caravans are capable of transitioning from land to naval caravans, vice-versa. The caravans will come in varying sizes and capacities and by default, naval caravans have a racial representation. You will be able to apply caravan skins to change this appearance.

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3:01 Ship Building

In Ashes of Creation, there is also a profession for ship building that allows players to develop ship components based on the blueprints acquired. If you are a ship builder, you will be able to change the aesthetic appearance of the ship as well as its components. On the other hand, you don’t need to be a ship builder to construct ships. Anyone with the right schematics, materials and an advanced enough node may construct a ship. You can use the ship components that are crafted by ship builders to upgrade their ships. 


3:55 Mariner Classes

Mariner Classes comprise various skill trees arranged in a similar manner to Artisan classes. As you gain proficiency in these different skills they become more adept at using them such as gunnery, piloting, navigation, boat repair, ship components, defensive skills, and utility-based skills. 

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4:17 Naval Combat

Naval combat includes different types of Ships with differing capabilities, armaments, and roles to play out on the high seas. There will be a balance and counterbalance between ships from PvP and PvE viewpoints. Ships will also be equipped with weapons such as potion launchers and siege weapons. When it comes to guns and gunpowder, they will not be present in the game. Meanwhile, several ships can be hijacked however, naval caravans can not be hijacked. The cargo on a trade ship will be similar to caravans in that the ship must be destroyed in order to capture the loot from its wreckage.

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