THE TANK CLASS! | Ability and Archetype Overview | Ashes of Creation

Discussing all about the tank! Going over the abilities and the secondary archetypes they have to show off!


Tanks are the front line, the leaders, and the guys who take control of the battlefield. It’s the tanks job to keep all the enemies in a pack and only concentrated on them whilst utilizing cooldowns to keep themselves alive. Tanks deal moderate damage while spending most of their time in combat controlling, defending, and protecting their allies in the heat of battle.

It is also their job to control a fight, to help the party mitigate incoming damage, and to dictate who is getting hit. They can take an unconscionable amount of punishment and woe to those who ignore their commands.

  1. Perception: use this skill to detect threats within range of your perception.
  2. Absorb Bubble
    Rank one: absorbs a fixed amount of damage and does same damage to nearby targets upon expiration.
    Rank two: increases the duration
    Rank three: adds form damage whilst absorb is active.
  3. Bulwark
    Rank one: strike your target and increase your block chance and generates additional threat
    Rank two: increases damage, duration, and block damage.
    Rank three: increases damage, duration, and block chance.
  4. Cover
    Rank one: targets a friendly player to absorb fifty percent of their incoming damage for 6 seconds.
    Rank two: increases redirected damage.
    Rank three: gives damage reduction buff for the duration.
  5. Crowd Control Break
    Rank one: breaks non-animated knockdown crowd control effects.
    Rank two: increases resistance to crowd control effects.
    Rank three: gain focus from the control effect that is cleared through this use.
  6. Hatred
    Rank one: single target hat adds hate.
    Rank two: adds a forced target lock.
    Rank three: adds hate over time per tick.
  7. Javelin
    Rank one: pulls target to your location and generates additional threat.
    Rank two: increases damage and now pulls three targets.
    Rank three: increases damage and now pulls five targets.
  8. Lacerate
    Rank one: slashes your target and dealing instant damage.
    Rank two: increases damage if the target is bleeding from lacerate.
  9. Shock Wave
    Rank one: stomps the ground and knocks down that deals damage to all targets.
    Rank two: increases damage over time and deals damage in affected area.
    Rank three: increased damage and radius.
  10. Ultimate Defense
    Rank one: provides mitigation based on missing health up to full invulnerability.
    Rank two: increases damage and applies a large mitigation to nearby group members.
  11. Long Sword Combo (Auto-Attack)
    It hits enemies in a cone in front of you while giving focus for use on your ultimate skill.
  12. The Tank’s Ultimate Skill: Righteous Fury
    Rank one: use your ultima when your focus has reached 80 to launch spears at all targets within a forward arc that deals damage and pull them towards you.
    Rank two: adds hate to all targets pulled.
    Rank Rank three: turns the whole skill into an AOE and not just in the frontal side.
  • Tank + Cleric = Paladin
  • Tank + Tank = Guardian
  • Tank + Fighter = Knight
  • Tank + Rogue = Night Shield
  • Tank + Bard = Argent
  • Tank + Ranger = Warden
  • Tank + Mage = Spell Shield
  • Tank + Summoner = Keeper

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