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It is a deco-ratable home within your freehold. Freehold housing is different to the housing within the nodes. To actually obtain a freehold house, you need to purchase a blueprint from the respective vendor within the node you’re looking to settle down in. Additionally, you are required to become a citizen of the node to actually own a house within the node’s zone of influence.


This is basically the look of your freehold before applying any kind of decorations or cosmetics. The base look of your freehold and the building places within are not race locked, meaning you’re able to use dwarven architecture as an elf and vice versa. You choose how your buildings look from the blueprint that you purchase. There is a slight issue with this because of the sheer amount of these blueprints that will be available.

The inside of the building would display various decorations for each of the races allowing people to actually view what they are buying and see how they look in the world and maybe even gain some inspiration from the layout that the inside of the building has. The building would have multiple vendors, one for each type of blueprint. Stations and housing and so on to allow people to narrow down the list of what they are looking for specifically.

Instead of scrolling through pages and pages just to find that anvil blueprint, not only would these emissary buildings offer players that ease of access to specifically what they are looking for, but also gives the nodes a little bit more personality to them that will allow people to see what is available from other races.

Furniture in an Alpha-1 freehold.

So one of the main appeals to owning a house in an MMO is the decoration aspect of it and we have a vague understanding of how placement of buildings function in a freehold. Being that, it is grid based and you need to play some kind of game to gain the most benefits from adjacent buildings.

Decorations themselves, such as certain decorations, are only place-able inside or out. Statues for example are only place-able outside a house and the other important things is that when you purchase a house, it comes unfurnished but is able to be upgraded to be auto-furnished for you.

Alpha-1 furnished freehold social area.

Provided that there are allocated places for freeholds to be places in like acreage has it’s, it is likely a guild is going to place all their freehold next to each other so they can interact with each other’s services easier. However, some guild focus their style around their roleplay.

Guilds placing their freeholds next to each other in close proximity could be considered a small player owned town in RP terms. The guilds could use the same aesthetics for their freehold decorations and make some really nice looking areas of the world. They could even lay out their freeholds to make it look like they’re all linked together using unique placement of buildings.

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