It is the progression system within Ashes of Creation’s artisan skills. This comes in the form of skill trees with branches and specializations. Ashes has taken the crafting, processing, and gathering skill side of their game very seriously that you could play exclusively. As an artisan player granted that they may lock you out of some of the more involved like taming but still the option is there.


The way that Ashes of Creation is handling their artisan skills are through the artisan skill tree. This tree is broken into three paths: gathering, processing, and crafting. Intrepid has stated that we may only ever master one of these paths so alts are going to be very much an important factor for players looking to exclusively play artisan skills.

Ashes 101 - Ashes of Creation Artisan System

Anyone can get into the beginning levels of any skill to get a feel for it before you can decide on committing points into these skill trees. Meaning, the beginning resources will always be worthless as anyone and everyone can gather them constantly. It starts to matter when the resource above those beginner ones because to gather higher tier resources requires higher tier tools.

Artisans create their own tools without the dependency of other professions so you won’t need the aid of other professions to make your herb gathering tool for example. Steven and the team have stated that as players start to get deep within their respective artisan skills. They can choose to master the tree, this will then lock you out of mastering the other two trees as you can only master one of the tree.


A huge part of the progression in MMOs is how it feels and how long it takes to actually progress to the next milestone. The whole point of this growth tangent is that because of the way they stated mastering multiple skills within one tree will be a long and labor intensive feat. Probably means that obtaining more and more skill points will have a growth curve.


Ashes of Creation could implement a type of progression into their game to help them fully flesh out the artisan skills as a whole. We hope that Ashes of Creation implements a gear side of artisan skills because it really helps distinguish combat level and artisan skill level in more ways than just the points that you have spent into it. Players have to choose if do they want to invest their capital into progressing their crafting gear or invest it into their combat gear.

ALTS (Alternate Character)

Alts and how they can utilize them to gain advantages in the artisan skills. There is a good side and a bad side alts in MMOs because having them basically means you never have to rely on players to do anything crafting related because you can do them all by yourself.

Ashes of Creation is handling alts in a very unique way. Your citizenship is account bound and not character bound, meaning your freehold is also account bound. A lot of artisan related stuff is going to be reliant on your freehold as legendary crafting stations will likely only exist in player freeholds.

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