LEGENDARY WORLD BOSSES | An Overview and Comparison | Ashes of Creation

Discussing the legendary open world bosses, their schedules, and a general overview of how world bosses will function in terms of mechanics! While also comparing them to the world bosses in other MMOs.


Hunting down world bosses and obtaining their loot is always a fun thing to do in MMO games. The spectacle of fighting a huge monster, avoiding its attacks, and destroying its weak points with a bunch of other players is genuinely one of the best things in MMOs. All these types of games have the same huge bosses but some are more impactful than others.


A boss tends to spawn at a set time of the day. Maybe once or twice with a rotating schedule of two or three others. It is fairly common to know the world boss schedule by heart after playing the game for a few months. In Ashes of Creation, bosses will be spawning dynamically as nodes are sieged, destroyed, and new ones are built in different places. Meaning, bosses do react to the world of Vera and spawn at certain threat levels depending on nodes that are built. Each server could have completely different spawning world bosses depending on how their world functions.

For example, if a node is built near volcano and it reaches the metropolis stage, this is the parameters required for the lava dragon boss to spawn and attack the node. A world boss announcement will happen that will rally everyone to the node and defend it while also defeating the dragon. However, these world boss spawns will not dynamically happen like the monster coin events.

Alpha-0 Sorrow’s Hunger world boss attacking a Village node

Two to three of the parameters are met for certain world bosses to spawn, be it a certain number of nodes within range or a certain population of active citizens within the nodes. Only then will a dragon or boss will be able to spawn and only during a certain time of the day. Similar to Black Desert Online and Guild Wars 2’s world bosses.


A boss fight is supposed to be epic, difficult, and meaningful. The boss mechanics are what makes the fights so memorable. In Ashes of Creation, bosses have telegraphed attacks that are avoidable. Though, Intrepid has decided to go with the root of their telegraphs using boss animations to react to mechanics instead of glowing red zones on the floor.

Intrepid has confirmed that the bosses will have multiple stages to them as the fight progresses and lead up events such as defeating additional mobs before the actual boss shows his true face.

Alpha-1 preview need before greed looting UI.

World bosses in Ashes of Creation are your gateway to obtaining legendary gear. The legendary tier world bosses will have a small chance to drop a piece of legendary gear that is completed and good to go. However, due to the nature of legendary gear being sought after, these drop rates will reflect like the drop rates we have seen in Black Desert Online.

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