Ashes of Creation MMORPG – Gearing your Character: Part 1 // Suiting Up With Armor!

1:03 – In playing MMORPG, one of the most important things is the appearance of your character. Gears and armors play a big part as they add up to the durability, speed, and strength of your character. In Ashes of Creation’s early Alpha, your character will have a starting gear buy eventually, you will be sent out to accumulate helmets, shoulders, capes, chest plates wrist, gloves, belts, pants, boots, and jewelry.

2:03 – When it comes to the gears you will be searching for, it should obtain power, dexterity, constitution, willpower, wisdom, mentality, physical attack, magical attack, and block. In the Ashes of Creation, each of the races will have various stat compositions however, it will not be drastically different. You will get a chance to play in a different class on any race. Take note that the primary class you have selected will affect the stats although the secondary class will not contribute to the increase of your stats. 

2:22 – When it comes to the armors, there are two types which are heavy and light armor. The heavy armor is typically plate metal but may include other influences, such as leather. It also has more HP than lighter armor and it is geared towards physical destruction. On the other hand, the Lighter armor is more mobile compared to the heavy armor and it is geared towards magical damage. There will be gear sets with set bonuses along with a racial representation of gears.

3:38 – You will also be able to set up player-run stalls in nodes. Player stalls which are also known as rental stalls or kiosks are rentable areas near the unique building in an Economic node or can be seen in Marketplaces. Renting a player stall allows you to sell items as well as give repair and enchanting services, even when they are not online.

3:47 – When it comes to enchantments, there are two types, Vertical Enchantments and Horizontal Enchantments. The Vertical Enchantments are a power progression for a crafted item and it can intensify damage or mitigations, added effects or bonuses. While the Horizontal Enchantments are more situational. It doesn’t make the item more powerful, rather more applicable to different situations. 

4:22 – The armors are being designed so you can put on more pieces and various sets. In Ashes of Creation, there will also be a cosmetic store wherein you can purchase time-limited non-pay to win sets which can be used to your characters and to animals as well.

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