THE RANGER CLASS | Ability and Archetypes Overview | Ashes of Creation

Discussing one of the classes in Ashes of Creation: The Ranger! While also discussing the ranger’s abilities and going over their secondary archetypes.


Rangers usually come with pets but sometimes they prefer being a lone ranger. They stalk the edges of battle, picking off the stragglers with their expert marksmanship. Rangers also have a role of having ranged physical damage and dishing out ranged crowd control through the use of their traps and bombs.

Bear in mind though that rangers in Ashes of Creation have a dead zone which means that they cannot use their ranged weapons within a certain melee range.

“Death from afar is the ranger’s raison d’etre. A master of the bow and ranged combat. The ranger is more than happy to let others get their hands dirty. No one has such a keen eye in natural environments.”

  1. Sniper Zone: summons a zone around you and when inside the zone it deals plus 200% damage for all attacks.
  2. Track: use this skill to track nearby ways leading to unknown adventures. Unlock alternate paths and treasure that groups would normally miss without this utility.
  1. Flame Line
    Rank one: shoots an arrow that leaves behind a trail of flames.
    Rank two: the arrow explodes upon reaching the end of its distance.
    Rank three: enemies take burn damage when entering the flames.
  2. Fleeting shot
    Rank one: retreating shot rolls backwards and does damage.
    Rank two: increases maximum range.
    Rank three: breaks crowd control.
  3. Knock Back Shot
    Rank one: knocks target back (x) distance.
    Rank two: adds damage.
    Rank three: adds knock down.
  4. Marked Arrow
    Rank one: targets an enemy to use this skill that will cause the enemy to take additional physical damage.
    Rank two: enemy takes additional magic damage.
    Rank three: increases the duration of the debuff.
  5. Power Shot
    Rank one: use this skill to power a shot that fires in a line that damages all enemies that it hits.
    Rank two: chance to cause blood damage over time.
    Rank three: splits to a cone of arrows; radius increases based on hold duration.
  6. Slice
    Rank one: a cone melee attack
    Rank two: becomes a 360 melee attack
    Rank three: adds a damage over time.
  7. Snare
    Rank one: a root pin that puts target in place.
    Rank two: adds a bleed.
    Rank three: snares after the root expires.
  8. Trap
    Rank one: places a bear trap under the caster that holds them in place and does damage.
    Rank two: stuns instead of root.
    Rank three: lets you place two traps.
  9. The Bow’s Combo: essentially your auto-attack and is similar to how auto-attack works in Guild Wars 2. The only difference between them is that this has three ranks:
    Rank one: target your enemy and use your bow to strike with two arrows.
    Rank two: prepares four arrows.
    Rank three: prepared head shot works on all arrow attacks.
  10. The Ranger’s Ultimate Skill: Hail of Arrows
    Rank one: if your focus is at 80%, use this skill to summon a template and launch multiple arrows within the template.
    Rank two: adds a movement slow.
    Rank three: adds damage over time to targets in the area.
  • Ranger + Cleric = Soul Bone
  • Ranger + Ranger = Hawkeye
  • Ranger + Fighter = Strider
  • Ranger + Rogue = Scout
  • Ranger + Bard = Bowsinger
  • Ranger + Mage = Scion
  • Ranger + Tank = Sentinel
  • Ranger + Summoner = Falconer

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