Ashes of Creation MMORPG – How Seasons Impact the World and Gameplay!

Winter, spring, summer, and fall are the seasons that most of us experience. As the seasons shift, the atmosphere, situations, and even the economy change. Intrepid Studios has applied the same concept in Ashes of Creation when it comes to the climates in the game. 

1:30 – The seasons in Ashes of Creation have a schedule on when they will rotate and after a month, the cycle will be complete. The seasons will impact spells and creatures. However, take note that the season rotation is still subject to change as the game is still in its early development. 

2:07 – Environments in Verra will experience various seasons depending on their regions. Snow will still be seen in tropical regions where the Nikua Dwarves are at. It is because Verra is full of magic that makes it possible for things like that to happen.

2:25 – Some of the changes you may experience are water turning to ice and will make you able to walk across them as well as passages in some areas are open because it’s still summer but maybe close due to too much snow. There might be events that will take place based on the current season in a region. 

2:46 – In some areas, there are seasons that are already fixed and they might not change. If you are currently traversing the under realm, you will not notice the blizzard happening above. However, the seasons above will also affect the environment below. 

3:17 – The economy will also be affected. The crops that you can collect will be on different seasonal cycles so what is available during the summer will not be available during winter. It may cause some products to suddenly increase in prices and might be hard to acquire. 

3:39 – Your character’s ability will be affected by certain seasons. The changes will affect both the PvE and the PvP.

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