Ashes of Creation MMORPG – Alpha 1 Buy In Returns! (Creative Directors Letter Breakdown)

00:00 – Last April 15, 2021, the Creative Director of Ashes of Creation released a letter about the Alpha 1 build-up in June. These are some of the things written in the letter. 

00:20 – This May, the Alpha 1 Buyins will be returning, and the players who spent a certain amount of money can get to test it together with the developers. Since the big streamers started talking about AoC, more players began playing the game even though it is far from complete.

01:36 – Intrepid is also trying to get sieges in Alpha 1 though it is not yet final. They have been importing the code from the apocalypse siege engine. It might be possible that we will be getting a basic siege system to attack some castles or nodes during the alpha one testing, which could be pretty awesome to see. Intrepid is also moving to their new studio by the fifteenth of June to get a little normalization in the development process. 

02:15 – Finally, they will be releasing three never-before-seen concept arts. The first concept art takes us deep into what appears to be a dwarf in mind. It is still unknown if this is a raid, a node, or something more, but this seems to be a fantastic place to explore. The next one is an Elvin theme throne room. This could be a throne to a castle or a seat of a powerful enemy in a dungeon. Finally, the last concept art is an entrance to some dwarf or an architecture leading into the mountain.

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