SCRIBING | An Overview and Comparison | Ashes of Creation


It falls closely to enchanting but we do not have so much information on scribing as we can all do now is look at how scribing is done in other MMO games and see how scribing may go in Ashes of Creation.

In World of Warcraft, scribing gives the players the ability to use scrolls to cast class biffs that are not usually available to their class kit. Granted that they are slightly less powerful because of making the class redundant. However, it is a nice addition to have in case your group is missing one of the important buffs during really competitive content.


Discussing the enchanting mechanics as this may be tied to one of the specializations available for the scribing profession. Enchanting comes in two categories: vertical and horizontal enchantments. We will be focusing more on the vertical enchantments as the horizontal enchantments are just the glyphs and such.

Vertical enchantments allow you to push your crafted gear higher than its base stats. Presumably by using scrolls made from scribing. However, that is still pure speculation. This enchanting mechanics is quite commonly used in our popular MMOs.

In World of Warcraft, they have it with their enchanting profession which basically just buffd a piece of gear with a set amount of stats for the cost of some enchanting reagents.

Because one of the enchanting’s main mechanics in Ashes of Creation also involves chance the over enchanting now, basic details for this is is still scarce.


Only a complete speculation on what another specialization could be for Ashes of Creation for scribing. It comes in the form of cartography, specifically involving special maps and treasure hunts. Similar to World of Warcraft’s archeology profession.

Exploration around a MMO’s world is a very important aspect in creating of memories for people’s who enjoy exploring. Guild Wars 2 does this in a way where they open up dungeon puzzles. However, they fall short because for the average casual player, you got to either be a very eagle-eyed to find some of these.

Intrepid could add to the scribing is the ability to create uncharted maps which show you locations of special pocket dungeons in the world. Similar to these kind of hidden spaces around Guild War 2’s world. Additionally within these hidden spaces, a whole cartography mechanic could exist to help you find the treasure within.

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