ULTIMATE SKILLS | An Overview and Comparison | Ashes of Creation

A concise discussion about the ultimate skills the classes have to offer in Ashes of Creation!

What are ultimate skills in Ashes of Creation exactly? Ultimate skills are powerful abilities that are used to turn the tide of battle. They have a tooltip they use called the “Focus Bar.” The ultimate skills need their energy from what they call Focus. Focus is gained from using your weapons and basic attack combo. It can be further enhanced with the weapon progression system.

In Black Desert Online, you can share your spirit rage, similar to Ashes’ focus, up to a total of 200% and unlocks an even powerful spell that is frequently used in node wars to wipe out enemy squads.


Divine Form from the cleric class will resemble something from WoW’s long cooldown healing abilities. Namely the Priest’s Apotheosis and the Paladin’s infamous Avenging Rock. Next up is the Hail of Arrows from the ranger class, this will likely mimic Black Desert Online’s 200% Black Spirit Rage ability. Another is the Mage’s Quake will resemble the awakened witch’s 100% black spirit rage ability Fisher Wave from Black Desert Online. Unfortunately, the Tank’s ultimate skill is quite niche with limited reference and animations, though the closest comparison to it would be Gorfin’s Grasp from WoW’s Death Knight.

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