5 Reasons to Get HYPED! – Ashes of Creation

There are many games being developed and released overtime but Ashes of Creation has something in them that will make you hyped to play it especially with your friends!

Here are five reasons to get hyped with Ashes of Creation:

1. Passion of the Developers

The Developers and the Creative Developer, Steven Sharif is a fan of the MMORPG genre. As a fan, Sharif knows what players want from an MMO and what makes it good.

2. PVP

The PVP on Ashes of Creation will be epic because from the 250v250 castles and node sieges might be pushed to 500v500. If you are an MMO player, Ashes of Creation has a world PVP, corruption system, bounty hunter system, caravans, ships, arenas, and battlegrounds that are in store for you. Also, you and the members of your guild can get into a massive battle wherein they can destroy a city with siege engines.

3. Guild Focused Gameplay

Creative Director Steven Sharif said in an interview he wants the game to have an element of social interaction which most of the MMORPG lost nowadays. In Ashes of Creation, there can also be guilds and alliances in which a player can interact in order for them to play the game properly. Since there is no dungeon finder in the game, players would need to communicate with each other.

4. Artisan Classes (Professions)

In Ashes of Creation, professions are divided into three, they are gathering, processing, and crafting. Players would need to cooperate with other players who have different professions in order for them to create proper items. There is also the standard profession such as mining, herbalism, fishing, blacksmithing, and alchemy. In the game, there are also distinct professions such as shipbuilding, siege weapons, taming animals, and animal husbandry.

5. PvE (Person versus Environment) – Dungeons, Raids & World Bosses

The PvE on Ashes of Creation is something a fan would ever desire. From the quests, dungeons, and open worlds, there are also massive raids. The world bosses are said to be huge as well as raid bosses who would take multiple raid groups to slaughter others. 

Just be on the lookout for more updates and developments of Ashes of Creation!

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