AELA HUMANS | An Overview and Comparison | Ashes of Creation

Discussing the law, aesthetics, and benefits the two types of humans have as a playable race in Ashes of Creation and also comparing them to other humans in MMOs!

After the calamity when the races of Vera return to their ravaged planet the humans split into two factions: The Kaelar and The Vaelune.
THE KAELAR (Build. Order. Civilization)

These are the foundational principles of the Kaelar. Their empire in the old world spanned the largest of all and they plan to do the same in this world. Extremely loyal to their roots, the Kaelar will always rise to the challenge.

File:Celebrants of the Rose.png

They are the traditional people that you find in most MMOs. Just simple folk living in brick and mortar houses, chopping down the trees gathering some resources. However, they stand stronger than any other race by using their civilized manner to build and maintain order through loyalty to their people.

Kaelar Architecture
File:AOC Kaelar VillageC wallpaper-5120x2880.png

The general look that the Kaelar possess in Ashes of Creation takes on a French medieval influence with tall cathedrals and towering castle-like fortresses.

Kaelar Armor

Most MMOs tend to follow a knight of the round table theme with a kite and a light shield. Medium human follows the trend of a trench coat and a leather hat.

THE VAELUNE (Trade. Law. Hardship)

They are forged in the heat of the desert, and through the ages they became a blade that bends, but does not break. Through the development of a complex web of relationships and savvy negotiation, the Vaelune grew into one of the wealthiest empires in Sanctus.

These humans are the desert dwelling people that are rarely seen in MMOs nowadays. With their hardened clay homes built to withstand the violently burning rays of the sun.

Vaelune Architecture

Flat square homes shielding the front from the harsh sunlight with multi-colored drapes turned into gargantuan domed mosques lined with beautifully colored marble floors and ceilings.

Vaelune Armor
File:VAE Female Ponytail Hair.jpg
File:VAE Male Med Hair.jpg

They take on a slightly different look as the heavy metal does not do well in the harsh sun. Using mostly animal hide and bone for the medium and heavy armors, the armies of the desert have a more savage look than their Greenland cousins.


The mounts of the two factions differ vastly too because flying mounts are going to be a scarcity in Ashes of Creation. For the Kaelar, the horse suits the traditional human aesthetic of a knight very well. The Vaelune will likely use a mount that fits the desert well and having a much more smoother silhouette in animation.


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