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Ashes of Creation is a new fantasy MMORPG by Steven Sharif founder of Intrepid Studios, developing the game. Ashes of Creation or AOC is probably the most ambitious MMORPG ever conceptualized, and the game is already making a lot of promises, showing a lot of potential and has captured the hearts of many MMORPG fans. 

There will be 9 playable races to choose from, 8 of which are under 4 parent races and other 1 stands more on its own. None of these races are gender or class locked. Each race will have its own starting area as well, that represents one of the ruined cities of the four ancient or parent races. But players will have the option to choose where they want to start. The race you choose will also affect the racial augments which will be applied to the abilities on your character’s primary archetype.

Ashes of Creation Races

Ashes of Creation Races

Aela Humans

This race is split into 2, the Kaelar and Vaelune. The Kaelar live on the principles and traditions of build, order and civilization. They are a proud and militaristic society. The Vaelune live on the principles of trade, law and hardships. They are a desert-borne society of traders and merchants.

Dünzenkell Dwarves

This race is split into 2, the Dünir and Niküa. The Dünir live on the principles of stoicism, tradition, and loved to forge weapons. They are also mountain-loving dwarves. The Niküa live the principles of family, freedom, and courage. They also love hunting, and on the opposite, they see the mountains as a prison. They prefer to travel the plains and forests. 

Kaivek Orcs

The Orcs are split into 2 races as well, the Ren’Kai and the Vek. The Ren’Kai live on the principles of honor, power and tranquility. They are contemplative warriors with immense physical strength and values tribal loyalty and brotherhood sacred. The Vek live on the principles of purpose and fate. Astrology, numerology and prophecy are part of the Vek’s life.

Pyrian Elves

The Elves are split into 2 races as well, The Empyrean and the Py’Rai. The Empyrean live off the principles of imperialism, pride and culture. They also have  elite military forces and a highly structured government. The Py’Rai live on the principles of balance, nature and fury. They are a firm believer in nature in restoring balance, that’s why they’re also forest-dwellers and extremely deadly with bows and spears. 


The ninth race is the Tulnar and they are a combination of the 4 major races and many minor races that are left behind on Verra after the apocalypse. This race is described as a corrupted, subterranean race that lives as a combination of the other 4 races. 

Ashes of Creation Classes / Archetype

After going with each parent race and their types, including the background of each race, we will now go with the classes. The classes in Ashes of Creation are a combination of your primary and secondary archetypes. You will be given 8 options to choose from with your primary archetype at the start of the game and this choice is permanent. As you level up, you will receive skill points to level your primary archetype skill tree. When you reach level 25, you will have an ability to choose a secondary archetype, and the result of this choice, will determine what your class is. Any of the 8 classes can be combined with another class, resulting in 64 possible classes for players to play. Let’s now go on and discuss each class.


Like in other MMORPG games, this class excels in physical combat and can utilize many weapons. This archetype will include maneuverability and skills that can close the gap since they are short range melee combatants. They traditionally tend to be more balanced in both offense and defense. 


One of the essential roles in MMORPG are the tanks. They tend to control the fight, absorb damage and protect the team as well. Some of their abilities are taunts, leap, and additional ways to avoid or absorb damage.


Rogues in RPG are assassin or thief-like characters, they are masters of opportunity, that can provide burst damage, and a variety of utility skills that can offer combat value to the party. They are also a melee class so they do fight in close range. They can also assist with their utility skills in navigating traps, secret doors and other hidden hazards. 


Armed with a bow, Rangers are masters of death from afar. They prefer to watch from afar and pick off their target from the distance, with skills to disengage, damage buffs and with keener sense in natural environments, Rangers are pretty deadly in the distance. 


Mages are masters of arcane and elements. Using their unique knowledge of maging they can utilize elements such as air, fire, water and lightning. With a wide range of skills from high burst damage, movement and restorative spells. 


As their name suggests, Summoners will be able to summon from magical minions, animals, spirits, and even undead or golems. Summoners will be able to summon up to three at once. Regardless of what the enemy will throw at them, Summoners will have the right creature to do the job. 


Cleric’s main role will be to protect and primarily heal with some cleanses and light CC for the team. They can also resurrect or turn enemies’ power against them in the battle. 


The last class on our list is the Bard, Bards are considered a support type class. They can be a force multiplier and create their spells through songs, stories, dances and music. Their powerful words can turn enemies into allies, and nightmares into a reality.  They just don’t amplify the damage but also other support characters and tanks. 


To summarize everything, you will have to choose a race and a primary archetype or class that will give the primary skill tree. Upon reaching level 25, you will be able to choose your secondary archetype which will affect how your overall skills work, that will be called the Augment System. The table below will be a reference of what will be the result of combining primary and secondary archetypes you are going to choose.

Video Chapters

Intro: 0:00

Races: 0:27

Aela Humans: 1:59

Dünzenkell Dwarves: 2:39

Kaivek Orcs: 3:19

Pyrian Elves: 4:20

Tulnar: 5:12

Classes/Archetype: 8:00

Fighter: 8:06

Tank: 8:49

Rogue: 9:33

Ranger: 10:05

Mage: 10:30

Summoner: 11:08

Cleric: 11:57

Bard: 12:32

Outro: 13:24

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