Discussing the arena and instanced PvP game modes available in Ashes of Creation while comparing them to similar systems in other MMOs.

What are Arenas in MMOs?

Traditionally, arenas is an instanced PvP game mode that people sign up to in teams of 2, 3, and 5 to compete in death matches held mostly within a small obstacle ridden space. These game modes tend to have a MPC or UI interface for you to sign up at be placed queue to fight against various other teams.

In WoW, you’re able to sign up for arena skirmishes and ranked matches with your team. For AoC, this will be no doubt be an NPC available but from a military node instead. As they are tring to keep AoC less UI focused and more in-world.

Also in Ashes of Creation, they are taking a similar model that most other MMOs take for their arena modes. They are slightly deviating from the standard by allowing teams of five, teams of three, and also single players to sign up for matches as well.

Having 1v1 arenas has been a huge request from the PvP MMO player base for a very long time now. It’s good news having duels in the game as having been matched with opponents also looking for 1v1 PvPs. Also bear in mind that AoC is not balanced around 1v1 so expect that a lot of the time it is going to be one-sided.

Let’s talk about PvP SEASONS:

AoC is planning to release with seasons for thei PvP arena which allows players to reset their rank and progress every season for a chance at that top spot. Intrepid is planning on a six-month arena season. The season arena system is regularly seen in all competitive PvP out there.

The motivation to participate in these seasons are a lot. Firstly because AoC is a game that is heavily focused on the PvP side of things when it comes to politics and sabotage between the nodes. The rights to brag and display your triumps. Intrepid is going to be releasing a leaderboard system which covers both the arena and guild war systems.

Are there rewards involved in Arena participation?

Yes. Though they (Intrepid) are holding back on the details on rewards involved likey because they have more important things to worry about in terms of core development. But some examples will be explained.

Enhancement stones for your weapons specifically for PvP have been talked about which will be rewards for participating and the winning of the arena matches themselves. Giving players some push to run them so that you can buff your weapons in the open world to help you kill players outside of the arena.

One interesting reward though is: Titles. These are displayed for other players to see and that’s what everyone wants. No point in earning something if you can’t show it off right? The titles are going to be based on your performance last season. It is a great motivator for players to push to a certain level each season.

Possibility for a Battleground?

Though still being talked about, capturing zones and outposts using a team deathmatch type of system while sieging a node.


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