Ashes of Creation: Alpha One Preview of the Mage Archetype | Levels 1-10 Active Skills

We did go through with all the races and classes or archetypes that Ashes of Creation will offer. If you haven’t checked that out, then just check out this link: Today let’s review the active skills of Mage archetype from levels 1-10.


As we all know Mages can take control of the four elements, air, fire, water and lightning. We will show their active skills from level 1 – 10, and how will it look like in the game. But as of now we can’t provide the actual stats, damage and effects of each skill. 


This skill is pretty straightforward, it shoots a fireball at target and will cause instant damage. It will also do burning damage in rank 2 of the skill, dealing damage overtime. In rank 3 it will deal an area of effect around the target. 


This skill is almost the same with the Fireball, it will shoot a beam of lightning that will damage enemies in the path. At rank 2, it will add damage overtime to targets hit, and at rank 3 it will create a chain of lightning damaging nearby enemies as well. 

Black Hole

The mage will summon a black hole that will slowly pull enemies towards it. At rank 2 the skill can snare a target after the pull, and on rank 3 it will explode after the pull duration, dealing damage to enemies pulled. 

Drain Essence

This skill will drain the target that will convert health into mana. When it reaches rank 2 it will increase damage and mana conversion and in rank 3 it will deplete targets near to your allies.


The mobility skill of the mage that allows them to blink in in any direction. In rank 2 it will increase the blink distance, and in rank 3 it will increase the distance as well but will deal damage upon impact. 

Lava Storm

This skill will create a field of lava at target location, dealing damage in the center and will also deal area damage around the mage when it is casted. In rank 2 and 3 it will increase the damage and duration of lava created. 

Meteor Storm

The mage will summon a meteor storm, dropping 3 meteors and dealing area damage on impact. In rank 2 and 3 the skill will increase in damage and number of impacts and will also stun enemies if hit. 

Prismatic Beam

This skill will shoot a beam that can be aimed while active. It will deal large damage and slow the enemy while being hit. In rank 2 and 3 it will increase in damage overtime after the channel. 

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