Ashes of Creation: Alpha One Preview of the Tank Archetype | Levels 1-10 Active Skills

Like in any other game, the Tank knows their duty and strength lie at the front lines of the war. They use essence to bind their bodies and reshape the battlefield. The Tank became something immovable, with the essence uniting them to the world. Tanks can pull the opponent’s minds’ threads, manipulate their emotions, and land on devastating tactical mistakes. Here are some of the skills a Tank can use to make the fight in their favor.

  1. Weapon Toss
ABILITY ICONS NEW 0001s 0007 Weapon-Toss

The Tank throws its weapon at a target, dealing damage. Building this power further adds a bounce effect between multiple targets.

  1. Bulwark
ABILITY ICONS NEW 0001s 0000 Bulwark

Bulwark strikes your target and increases your block chance, generating additional threat – its damage, duration, and block chance can all increase by powering up this skill.

3. Ultimate Defense

ABILITY ICONS NEW 0001s 0008 Ultimate-Defense

This skill provides increased ease of injury based on lost health, to the point of being completely harmless – though it also reduces the speed of your movement while active. As Ultimate Defense becomes stronger, its duration increases, providing a substantial increase in nearby team members’ damage mitigation.

4. Javelin

ABILITY ICONS NEW 0001s 0004 Javelin

Javelin pulls your target to your location, generating additional threats. As this power grows, it grabs additional targets and even stuns them.

5. Lacerate

ABILITY ICONS NEW 0001s 0001 Lacerate

Lacerate slashes your target, dealing instant damage and bleeding them over time, all while generating additional threat.

6. Myrmidon

ABILITY ICONS NEW 0001s 0002 Myrmidon

Myrmidon strikes your target and increases your damage mitigation while generating additional threats so that your foes stay focused on you.

7. Onslaught

ABILITY ICONS NEW 0001s 0005 Onslaught

This skill charges your target, providing a damage-absorbing shield and generating threat in the process. Developing this skill further increases its damage and shielding, additionally providing knockdown effects.

8. Shockwave

ABILITY ICONS NEW 0001s 0006 Shockwave

Shockwave stomps the ground in front of you, knocking down and dealing damage to all targets while generating a threat. Sharpening your Shockwave deals damage over time and increases its effect radius.

9. Resounding Smash

ABILITY ICONS NEW 0001s 0003 Resounding-Smash

Resounding Smash pounds the ground in front of you, dealing damage to all targets and generating threat. A second hit resounds on your primary target.

Time Staps:

00:00 – Intro

00:29 – Weapon Toss

00:38 – Bulwark

00:48 – Ultimate Defense

00:58 – Javelin

01:07 – Lacerate

01:16 – Myrmidon

01:25 – Onslaught

01:33 – Shockwave

01:41 – Resounding Smash

01:53 – Outro

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