Ashes of Creation: Artisan Skills Complete Overview

Today we are going to talk about the different Artisan Skills in Ashes of Creation. We will also tackle the other recipes, tools, and the mastery and benefits of some artisan skills.

What Are Artisan Skills?

Artisan Skills are the professions, jobs, trade skills, life skills, or the crafting and gathering content in AoC. Artisan Skills have three class the Gathering, Processing, and Crafting. 


The Gathering skills you will get are Farming, Fishing, Herbalism, Lumberjacking, Mining, and Taming. But keep in mind that mining is just a form of gathering generic stone rather than specific ores. Resource nodes will be unique for each different type of material. Also, you can find resource spots in the minimap. However, this may be tied to your artisan gathering skill’s actual progression rather than automatic.

Artisan Tools

Artisan tools - Ashes of Creation Wiki

Artisan tools are required when you’re collecting certain types of materials from gathering spots. Some of which are a pickaxe for ore, a lumbering ax for wood, and a scythe for plants and farming.


Processing skills at the moment can only work in animal husbandry and smelting. It also involves deconstructing items, and smelting will play a role in deconstructing metal-based armors. But when magical items are involved, different skills are commonly used to deconstruct them to obtain some unique magic-related materials.


The last type of Artisan Skill is Crafting. It involves armored alchemy and generic blacksmiths, carpentry, shipbuilding, cooking, jewelry crafting, scribing, and siege. To start crafting, you must have two main pieces, the appropriate crafting station and the recipe you want to craft. Crafting stations exist within the scientific nodes and their specific building, and they rise as the scientific node progresses in the metropolis. You can build these crafting stations on your freeware; however, you will need to purchase a blueprint that will cost you a relative cent before a scientific node can place it.


Recipes are obtained from various places like the monster and boss drops, quests, processing of items, getting titles, and progression within certain societies such as religion or social organizations. Once you place down the appropriate crafting station, you can quickly gain access to recipes to gain experience. There might also have a royalty system that allows you to trade recipes with other players for a limited time.

Artisan Mastery

Artisan progression and mastery are divided into three artisan paths: gathering, processing, and crafting. Each of them has their talent tree relating to their professions within it. But keep in mind that you can only master one of these paths per character. But if you want to master all three, you’ll need a minimum of alts for this. Finally, Masteries isn’t just about crafting legendary items. Mastering a profession grants titles, access to special items, and having exclusive profession quests that will surely grow your repertoire of recipes.

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