Ashes of Creation – Caravans

What are Caravans? Caravans facilitate the transfer of goods for players wishing  to turn a profit. But keep in mind that Caravans can only transport goods for more than one player. The Caravan system, on the other hand, is an open-world PvP system that revolved around opportunity and risk. Here are some of the things that you should know more about caravans.

Types of Caravans

  1. Mayoral Caravans

The Mayors launch these to establish trade routes and obtain resources while doing a caravan quest.

  1. Quest Driven Caravan

These are system-driven Caravans used for trade routes between nodes. These Caravans are also initiated by players with diverse courses and launch windows, making them challenging to zerg.

  1. Personal Caravans

These are land or water-based single-driven Caravans initiated by the player who drives and controls the caravan. This caravan can be launched from any point of storage.

  1. Naval Caravans

This type of Caravan is part of the Ashes of Creation Naval Content. This allows the transportation of goods overseas.

 Caravan Inventory

The personal inventory limits are located in a backpack material, and the gathered items are subject to quantity rather than weight limits. Caravans and Mules are the primary modes of transportation of these goods because mules can carry ten times more than backpacks, and caravans can carry ten times more than mules. Keep also in mind that Caravans having capacity limits and customizable stats such as defensive points, speed, and hired NPC guard. They also provide ancillary benefits relating to completing trade routes and other quests. 

Caravan Components

Certain NPCs issue certificates to create a caravan. These certificates are composed of multiple components. These are the following:

Caravan components obtained from crafters will have stats according to the skill of

each Artisan. Mounts bred through animal husbandry can be applied as a certificate.

Types of Caravan Initiation

  1. Personal Caravan Initiation

This initiation can be launched at any point of storage. 

  1. Quest Caravan Initiation

An NPC can initiate this caravan with resources to bring, exchange, or warehousing to the regional market or the caravan recipient. You should also note that caravans may not be initiated from warehouses during a siege declaration at that node.

  1. Naval Caravan Initiation

This initiation occurs at the point of intersection of land and ocean. There will be a delay of about one or two minutes as the caravan moves. 

Caravan Destruction

These are the things that will happen if the caravan is destroyed.

  • It drops a portion of the goods it’s transporting.
  • Its components also drop.
  • The certificates for heavy goods will drop.

Caravan Cosmetics

Caravan skins are available at the cosmetic store. It changes the look of in-game mike and linked caravans. That is why the caravan and mount components cannot be used separately.

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6:22​ Caravan Cosmetics

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