Ashes of Creation (Community Suggestions) – Node Super Powers

Community video is up! Player’s comments and ideas on Ashes of Creation have been collected over time so let’s hear what they have to say. This feature will mainly focus on superpowers of Divine and Military nodes

Community suggestions for NODES

A node can only have one superpower so what’s the point in suggesting more? We will be building upon the system Steven has given us to accommodate for the mayor to choose from a pool of multiple superpowers. More depth to an already mind-blowing system never did anyone harm (except the Devs). Let this pave the way for superpower suggestions to make it into the game. 

Building expansion: THE CITY HALL

For a superpower to be used in a city, the node itself has to be at its max level. However a very popular progression path in MMOs is that of infinite progression. This infinite progression does not exist at all in Ashes of Creation’s classes however there are ways for it to be part of the game in a less intrusive way through a node progression beyond Metropolis. This progression could be pushed in many forms, grinding quests constantly, handing in materials, slaying monsters, which are kind of similar to World of Warcraft classics. The point is to give the node progression be it less meaningful in the form of options and side grades. It is still progression nonetheless. This could allow the node to unlock additional more specific superpowers. More choice is just good for the game as a whole because in most situations a superpower like the Scientific one is somewhat niche and the Economic one is quite boring. Time to spice things up a bit. 

DIVINE NODE Superpowers

First up is a suggestion from Samuel Gatto, who says:

We totally agree with him! It does feel like the Divine nodes are centered mostly around PVE. To expand on Samuel’s suggestion, keeping on the theme of quests perhaps the superpower could summon down deities of the seven who appear for a limited time and offer legendary quests more specific for their god which could reward epic cosmetics. 

Next suggestion comes from Ken Gillett:

Having abilities to activate during a node siege is a cool idea. Just let off a giant AOE nuke in the city which heals defenders and damages attackers. Could be a tactical thing used with some way to mitigate it using, for example, line of sight. 

Next suggestion ties closely into Ken’s comment, from William Quezada:

This could be some aftermath of the nuke summoning the soldiers of the gods in the form of NPCs to help defend. These two suggestions put together make for a really good idea for a superpower. 

Next suggestion is from Strangingness:

This is another great suggestion! It’s one that can easily be customizable depending which god you worship and how devoted you are to them. Definitely a lot of potential there. 


First up is an idea from Anosh Paul:

This suggestion would work really well with the extra action button that was discussed in another video (Player Titles). Basically what can happen is once the superpower is activated for the Military node, everyone gets an additional action button to use which is unique to their class for example for an hour. It is a great idea, mages could have the ability to cooldown a dragon which shoots a line of fire in front of them or fighters could get an ability to give out a bow shout which buffs everyone around them. 

Another good suggestion is from RuggedSoldierHalford:

Everyone gains a bodyguard for a duration but to expand on this, you can talk to the guards/soldiers and command them to give you unique buffs or perform certain roles for you (tanking or healing). 

Final suggestion is from Mr. Owlcat:

We have a building that can function like that called The City Hall. His idea ties closely to Anosh Paul’s suggestion from earlier with the dragons. This kind of thing does exist in a game already- Battlefield. In Battlefield, you are able to be a commander during a match which will allow you to tell players where to go. However, you could not control them directly. You can only spot enemies for them, place airstrikes and give supplies. Might be a niche for the MMO genre but something like that would work really well during a node siege to give citizens some guidance when defending. 

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