Ashes of Creation: Crowd Control Theorycraft and Comparison

For today we are going to talk about Crowd Control. How it functions in Ashes of Creation, and what are the developers planning to do to balance these abilities?

What is Crowd Control?

Crowd Control or Mezzing is a spell or ability that stops a player or mob from performing actions. Mezzing is a term used in the dark age of Camelot because the bard has an ability called mesmerize, which stops the whole raid groups in their tracks for a few seconds or until they take damage. 

Here are the different forms of Crowd Control

  • Movement Impairing Effects
  • Soft Crowd Control
  • Hard crowd Control

How are they Balancing Crowd Control?

It should have Diminishing Returns on the Stuns, Sleeps, and the Slows to avoid the Stun Locking to balance Crowd Control. But keep in mind that since AoC uses a hybrid system of tab and action, the Crowd Control won’t likely be tab targeted skills because they want it to avoid imbalance combos with skill shot abilities.

Comparison with other MMOs

Here are some abilities that you can compare to other MMO abilities.

  1. Shield Might 

This is a standard single-target tanking stun ability that every warrior and their sidekick has. This ability changes the ability into an AoE cone ability. Shield Might can be compared to WoW’s warrior ability shockwave.

  1. Bear Trap

This ability roots the target and functions identically to World of Warcraft’s Steel Trap.

  1. Javelin

This ability is similar to warcraft’s death knight’s ability death grip.

Time Stamps:

00:00​ Intro

00:43​ What is Crowd Control?

02:18​ The Shillening

03:00​ How are they Balancing it?

05:17​ Comparison with other MMOs

06:09​ Outro

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