Ashes of Creation – Dev Diaries – Node Technology

According to Tad Ehrlich, Senior Environment Artist at Intrepid Studios. The Node System’s goal in Ashes of Creation is to make sure each area is special, unique, and offers something different, then the same system that speeds up all races.

Nodes - Ashes of Creation Wiki

Ashes of Creation nodes also provide procedural randomization throughout the entire world. When entering a city, you will be noticing the buildings and their placements of NPCs, and the service that you can access are unique in every city.  They also designed a tool to accommodate a particular method that each City will have its own identity. Also, the developers made sure to extend AoC’s mechanics to create a world that the players develop, and it allows you to see the changes that you’re affecting on the world and not just play in the same area every time. 

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