Ashes of Creation: Difficulty – What to Expect?

Are you curious about how the difficulty for group content and world bosses work in Ashes of Creation? So am I. Here are some of the things you can expect about the difficulty of Ashes of Creation.

Difficulty in Ashes

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In Ashes, like in any other MMOs, they have a progressive boss difficulty. This means the deeper you go in the dungeons, or the better you perform in the early phases of a fight, the more challenging the bosses will become. The only difference is that Ashes of Creation is more focused on the side of the world bosses. 

Hard Mode Bosses

As you all know, destroying small purple crystals is a way to hurt bosses. But if you want to activate the Hard mode version, you have to destroy a larger crystal behind the two bosses.

Dungeon Difficulty

For the Dungeons, the difficulty somehow depends also on the growth of the node. Because the more the node grows, the more of the local dungeon is unlocked. And the deeper you descend into the dungeon, the harder the mobs become. But always remember that when your group begins to travel in multiple parts of the dungeon. Each of the bosses you kill inside could empower the final boss to increase the dungeon’s difficulty. 

Time Stamps:

00:00 -​ Intro

01:01​- Difficulty in Ashes

03:09 -​ Hard Mode Bosses

05:37​ – Dungeon Difficulty

07:32​ – Outro

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