Ashes of Creation – First Look at Inventory Concept, New Creatures and More! (Live Stream Breakdown)

Intrepid Studios has really put in a great effort when it comes to the concept, graphics, and details of Ashes of Creation. Here are some of the updates when it comes to the UI (user interface), inventory concept, new creatures, and many more in the previous Live Stream of the game. 

0:13 – When it comes to the word in progress UI for Ashes of Creation, it includes castle sieges, the stats of health as well as the ammunition of the siege weapons you are using. However, it may not make it in the final game. Class identifiers were also shown allowing you to see other’s classes but it eventually disappears when you go far away. 

0:41– A first look at the inventory system was also presented and it has the basics such as the stats, gears, and armors. However, there are no capes in the inventory but taking note that it may be subject to changes. There will also be belt attachments and they can be customized the way you want them. There are also other features like character zoom-in. 

1:55 – In weapons, there are also daggers that are still being processed by animators for them to come to life. Also, there are various new animals being created and will be seen roaming around Verra. They are new bear variants, new cursed charger variants, and new swift claw variants. 

2:26 – One of the new things that will be seen in the Ashes of Creation is the floating armor concept which is seen in the Alpha Zero Gameplay. The enemies are filled with ghost-like energy where they protect the area from looters. 

2:45 – There is also a cosmetic mount in a pre-order pack that you can have which is the Scalerunner. The Scalerunner has a smooth movement and its animations are said to be compared to the Komodo Dragon. 

3:15 – New concept art on the Village of Vaelune has been released. Also, you will soon have a look at the in-game grasslands in the Magical Forest. There is also a video of a building being completed in real-time. 

More updates will be coming soon so better stay tuned!

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