Ashes of Creation – First update of 2021

Lots of detailed updates about Ashes of Creation, the first update of 2021.

Video chapters

0:00​ Intro
0:26​ Alpha 1 pack sales
0:49​ Next Alpha Test
1:06​ Number of biomes in the game
1:08​ New Website launch and shop update
1:16​ Design Team Updates(New Hires, feedback)
2:43​ Environment Team Updates(Planned biome types, water/lighting reworks)
3:52​ Character Art Updates(Starter gear reworks, hair models, character customisation)
5:07​ Q&A Start
5:30​ Tavern NPC function(Buy/Sell)
5:43​ How will marriage impact housing?
6:40​ Sending mail without resources, instant?
7:05​ Will you be able to race change for augment purposes?
7:35​ Will paths/roads be pre-gen, or will they by dynamic?
8:18​ Can you toggle chat bubbles ?
9:00​ Can summoners rename their summons?
9:26​ How can we interact with the minimap/map? Pins/pings/notes?
10:19​ What happens to mules inventory when they die? Is it lootable?
10:50​ Will players be able to see caravan contents before attacking/defending?
11:15​ Talking about why I suggest not to buy ashes right now
14:15​ Why
14:58​ Outro and stuff

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