Ashes of Creation – Forest of Erinthia MMORPG Zone Revealed!

Intrepid Studios never stops developing Ashes of Creation. They test and optimize multiple biomes and environments in the map of Verra. One of the developments in Ashes of Creation is the Forest of Erinthia. 

The Forest of Erinthia was home to the Kingdom of Pyria under the rule of Eridelle. The great Forest of Erinthia is broad and borders many non-Pyrian settlements, including some human establishments. Meanwhile, the map has been placed in the Apocalypse as a smaller map allowing players to have swift game sessions. 

Intrepid Studios are excelling when it comes to the graphics of the game. According to their article, they will provide players with more new beautiful immersive environments in anticipation of their MMORPG Alpha and Betas. 

In the Apocalypse game, the Armor of the Autumn Knight helmet is now available if you have it unlocked. 

Watch out for more updates on Ashes of Creation!

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