Ashes of Creation: Game Pillars

Ashes of Creation is an MMO RPG game that is set in a high fantasy world. For today, I will tell you the four design pillars of AoC.

  1. Node System

As you all know, the Node System is an integral part of how the world of Ashes of Creation works and responds to players. It is how you can achieve civilization in the world.  Nodes worldwide have their zone of influence that gets your activities to experience like fighting and gathering.

  1. Meaningful Conflict

This exists via PvP and can organize changes in the environment around you. It also results in how your player is motivated by something else. Like the castle system, node sieges, guild wars battlegrounds, and the caravan system. This risk versus reward element is a big part of the game and gives meaning to why players participate in many game systems. 

  1. World Economy

The Economy focuses on incentivizing you to interact with the world and engage in being a part of it. It gives you a reason to gain resources and develop the world. The market is localized and focused independently while working together. You can also choose if you want to influence it. 

  1. The Narrative
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This holds all the systems together and keeps you interested in having different outcomes that can come. It’s a story of how you can relate as an individual and as part of the community. There are three ways on how the story may be told. These are via tasks, events, and the overarching narrative. 

The Narrative is also the place where you can find most of the story, but each server has a different story that the players will tell.

Time Stamps:

00:00 – Intro

00:28 – Node System

01:55 – Meaningful Conflict

04:08 – The Narrative

05:56 – Outro

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