Ashes of Creation: Gathering Overview and Comparison

What is Gathering? As we discussed in the link below, Gathering is one of the Artisan Skills in Ashes of Creation. Do you want to know more about Gathering? Sit back as we tackle more about Gathering.

 What is Gathering?

In Ashes of Creation, Gathering is doing the traditional but modern way of getting resources, a keybind. But don’t worry, this keybind is not like the other keybinds, so you don’t need to have many of them. 

Gathering Spot Types

There are 3 Gathering spot types in Vera’s world.

  1. One Time Gatherers

This is the typical herb spot you’d see and gather from but not during rare special events or hostiles appearances because what you will get is the amount of resources you should receive in killing it.

  1. Vein Gatherable

These are giant clusters of gatherable spots, a rare spawn or spawn from completing an event out in the world to reward players who are invested in certain gathering professions.

  1. Herd Gatherables

These are roaming schools of fish for fishing on your boat or your net. They may also be herds of a castle for your leatherworking needs.

Leather and Cloth

You can get leather and cloth from various animals in the world like in other games. Cloth could be expanded into farming as plants like cotton exists. 


Energy or labor will not be “a thing” or the main focus in Ashes of Creation. It tends to have a value, so spending energy to gather resources gives it a base value because you are spending something limited to the players.

Time Stamps:

00:00​ Intro

01:38​ What is Gathering?

02:58​ Gathering Spot Types

05:29​ Energy

08:55​ Resource Extractors

09:09​ Outro

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