Ashes of Creation: March 2021 Developer Livestream Update

Intrepid released their Developer Updates last March 26, 2021 via Intrepid’s Twitch channel. 


Intrepid explained they made significant strides towards fixing the issues they had in February. Intrepid showed a fun to watch video clip, the current iteration of their starting area and as usual the portal from Sanctus looks amazing. They went on to showcase the Firefox mounts and they look beautiful. It’s a shame they are cosmetic store skins because that would have been really cool to bring together some tames and create this one. 

Firefox Mounts

They moved up with their mounts to the first quest giver however got immediately side tracked by some accidental PVP. Which then jogged their memories to move towards one of the newer areas in the Alpha instead. They showed off some of the dynamic corruption of the world as the Nodes grow. Jeff Bard explained how as the population increases and the node progresses, these kinds of corrupted areas also grow and flesh themselves out too. This is how likely dungeons will also function so it was really interesting to see. Steven then got side tracked by some glaring bugs. 

Next we saw two mobs, the father of fear and his minion which seems to be an ancient lieutenant plus a corrupted creature which was really cool to see. Before they got slaughtered by the father, they moved away from the area and once they got to a clearing, Steven decided it would be a good idea to summon a thousand bears and immediately got destroyed by them. 


Jeff took over the part of this stream and he explained all the updates coming to the combat for the Alpha One. The main gist of it all is basically a lot of experimental testing and getting feedback from players. They continue to reassure us that they think combat is one of the most important factors of an MMO in terms of interaction. They said it may not come out of the box perfect but it is very much one of their highest priorities. Steven further explained that the bears are more significant than just their existence on the server. It really helps them understand what is happening on their back end which helps them make the right decisions for optimization when it comes to their node versus node siege wars. 

Before moving on to their final concept segment, Jeff told us that we will be getting one proper 40-man raid world boss experience during the Alpha. Plus a few smaller group encounters which then Steven explained to us that the Alpha One is not supposed to be there for actual content. It is there for testing more than actually playing, like they have always said. Although I was not personally surprised I am sure a few of you were unaware of this. 

Lastly they explained that the art sound related side of things is basically missing 90% of its content for the Alpha One. 


We got a few slate board assets for the concept art this month which led us on to some pirate concept art too. Then we got more environment art like corruptions, towns and everything looks great. They ended environment art with a fly through of the dynamic harbour point of interest. The last roll through of concept art was two armor sets from the cosmetics store which looked amazing. And some velum plate which is the gear  that you get in-game. 

Armor set
Armor set

Finally we got some creatures, a watcher. 


They also showed some really unique creatures, apparently this one in particular is just a creature that roams the world and we come up to about its elbow. 

00:00​ Intro

00:33​ Alpha 1 Updates

02:12​ Combat and Stability

03:28​ Concept Art

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