Ashes of Creation: Mayors Complete Overview

Mayors are leaders of a node’s government in Ashes of Creation who control the node’s development. Like any other mayor, they have different roles and privileges that they have to have and accomplish.

 Becoming a Mayor

To become a mayor in a node government, you have to undergo an election system where the most votes will become the mayor of the node’s government. But there are node governments that have a different way of assigning their  Mayor.

  1. Divine Nodes

You have to ask for help from your friends to finish a specific quest chain as fast as possible.

  1. Military Nodes

You are signed up in a free for all arena using champions with a set gear and stats against other player-controlled champions. 

  1. Economic Node

You are required to purchase being a mayor using gold. More or less through a bidding system, though, it is still speculations.


Each Mayor has a building called the City Hall that will serve as its command center to allocate resources and perform various tasks.

  • Mayor’s roles.
    • Initiate mayoral caravans, which establish trade routes between nodes that can link them as allies and disable any form of war that stared between them.
    • Fulfill the needs of the node and citizens to help them grow.

Completing these tasks can help you have a huge impact on the people and help you become mayor again next month. 

  • Mayor’s Tasks
    • Assign tax to pay for various housing services and the vassal nodes within its zone of influence.

Benefits of Mayors

One of the mayor’s main benefits is deciding which buildings are built within their node first—allowing the node to cater to their style of play before anything else. This is for citizen debate since they technically don’t have to build what the mayor wants because buildings in a node require the citizen’s materials and the treasury’s coins.

The Rewards

When you become a good Mayor, you can ask them to help you build the Royal Stable to let you obtain a tier 3 flying mount until your term ends. These mounts are limited to kings and queens, mayors, and dropped very rarely from world boss dragons. When you also become a mayor, you are also granted a special title, which, when activated, gives you special stat bonuses and a hot bar with unique spells on it that you can use during events and node wars.

Time Stamps

00:00​ – Intro

01:27​ – Becoming a Mayor

03:07​ – Responsibilities

04:51​ – Benefits of Mayor

05:45​ – The Rewards

07:35​ – Outro

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