Ashes of Creation MMORPG – Crafting and Professions!

Combat, classes, and graphics are mostly what we are excited about in every MMORPGs. But for Ashes of Creation that’s not the only thing we can look forward to. AoC is bringing crafting and professions into the next level. With that being said let’s jump into it and know more about Crafting and Profession in Ashes of Creation.

Crafting will be the driving force in the game in terms of economy. As we all know Crafting in Ashes of Creation will allow us to gather and create stuff, it also allows players to have their Crafting stations that are located on freeholds or within nodes and even sell whatever you crafted and let other players buy it as well. But crafting will be different in Ashes of Creation, instead it will be just one of the Artisan Class in the game. In this Artisan Class you have three different skill trees that players must choose. A player may only even master one of these parent paths. These are:

Artisan Classes


Is one of the parent artisan classes, this is the collection of  materials and resources throughout the world. This will require you to create harvesting tools, to help you find whatever you need. The higher level the tools the higher level of materials you can gather. 


Again one of the parent artisan classes, this is the refining of the materials obtained through gathering and item deconstruction. These processed materials that are refined will be what you need for the third parent artisan class. 


Like mentioned above, this will allow players to create through the materials gathered and processed. 

Again players will have to choose one of these paths in the artisan tree for your character. Within the crafting path there are various professions.

Alchemy the creation of different potions

Armor Smithing – creating different types of armor

Carpentry – creation of furnitures for your houses

Cooking – creating various foods 

Jewel Crafting – creation of jewelry such as rings and necklaces

Ship building – allows players to build ship components, alter parts or change the cosmetic look of the ship.

Siege weapons – can be crafted for castle sieges

Weapon Smithing/Enchanting –  can enhance and augment items and weapons

You will only be able to master one of these branches but also that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to try other professions. But once you master one of these, it will gain things such as titles, items and certain quests. This kind of system will put players to really communicate and cooperate with other players, since you need the gatherers to obtain materials and resources, and you need to process and refine those gathered materials to craft items. 

Crafting various items in the world will not be RNG based that will give random stats. You will have the ability to alter the crafting recipe that will allow you to customize stats. These recipes can be found all throughout the world, from quests, enemy drops, boss fights, religions, quest lines and a whole lot more. 

Like we said crafting stations can be located within freeholds or within nodes. With different types of crafting stations, depending on what you’re looking to do and will also depend on various tiers of items you want to craft. Share with us your thoughts about Crafting and Professions in Ashes of Creation and comment it below. 

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