Ashes of Creation MMORPG – Creative Director’s Letter Discussion: Alpha 1 BUY IN, Dragons and More!!

Intrepid dropped the recent Creative Director’s letter for Ashes of Creation. Giving us cool new images, studio updates and some exciting news for those eyeing for Alpha 1. 

The letter starts with a brief stroll down memory lane through the horrendous year of 2020. Mentioned studio changes and that Intrepid welcomed 27 new associates in the last 6 months to help Ashes of Creation. Overall Intrepid had a good year, successfully launching the first Alpha 1 pre test and they’ve bought a new studio. 

Into 2021, there would be lots of Alpha 1 testing and contents to share. Back in 2018, Intrepid stopped the purchase of Alpha 1 keys as they had initially hit the player cap they wanted for Alpha 1. However, after the last four day test in December 2020, Steven felt that Intrepid can push the servers a bit further and although it does not sound guaranteed, Steven is hopeful that Intrepid will be able to put forth an opportunity for new members to join Alpha 1 and jump in on the test team. For those who do not want to test and want to play a complete game, it is not probably worth investing into this as you are more likely to get a big bug of mess. That’s what the Alpha testers are here for.  When the Alpha keys were available back in 2018, it was $500 for the cheapest pack along with a lifetime subscription, name reservation and exclusive in-game rewards. This may or may not be the case this time around. If Intrepid does open up the gates to buying again it could and probably should be a different  rewards game. Giving a bit of exclusivity to those who have been waiting such a long time to get into the testing. 

Steven also talks about how the new Ashes of Creation website will be launched at the end of February. The new website will give us a bunch of new features and this makes sense as all eyes will be on Ashes of Creation when the NDA drops in March. So an update on the website will show us more recent info about the game and will be crucial for those jumping in. The creative director’s letter also gives us a look at a badass looking ice dragon (assumed as an ice dragon) along with some fire type elemental being and a goblin with a staf- all which we can find in our adventures in Verra. Will you buy in into Alpha 1 again if it becomes available again? 

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