Ashes of Creation MMORPG – Discussing Action Combat!

We probably will compare Ashes of Creation to other MMORPG, and Ashes of Creation or AoC promises to bring a more engaging and fun combat. The combat system is what we really look forward to every MMORPGs, it creates the identity and uniqueness that engages the players to really enjoy the game. So now let’s discuss how the AoC combat system works. 

As we all know, AOC combat will consist of what they called a hybrid system. But for this guide let’s focus on how the action combat works. The action combat mode can be enabled by pressing “Z” on the keyboard, and cursor movement will be tied in the camera and a reticle for aiming. This reticle of course will help you to target your active skills easily at the enemies. While in this action combat mode you can press right click to switch back to tab targeting. Keep in mind that this system is in the early stages of testing so we would probably see more changes and improvements into this. 

The action and tab mode of skills will also have a different characteristics, possibly changing damage, charge time, crowd control effects, cooldown, energy or mana consumption depending on what class you are and what are specialization based on your skill tree. So the action and tab mode or targeting system are more like the hip fire and aim fire in shooting games. Also having different characteristics for each targeting mode allows you to pick the skills you will prioritize depending on which skills fit the most on your preferred targeting system. But also keep in mind that there will be a limit for how many skills you want to choose on your specified target system. Potentially only 75% of your skills could be in either tab targeting or action, while the other 25% will be on the opposite. Not all of abilities or skills will have an option for both tab or action targeting system but again this could change as the progress in development. 

This combat system is really exciting for gamers but ambitious for the developers. Having a 64 classes and balancing the action combat and tab targeting system is really a huge feat for this game. Let us know your thoughts on this combat system in the comment section below. 

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