Ashes of Creation MMORPG – Discussing Tropics and Underwater Dungeons!

00:00 – Have you seen the new Tropical Area featured in some of the articles and gameplays? If not, sit back and enjoy as we explore the new area of Ashes of Creation.

00:17 – Last January, Stephen, and the Lead Environment Artist Michael Bacon showed this new tropical zone in Ashes of Creation in their live stream. It is considered as one of the 18 biomes in Alpha 1.

00:55– This zone is not populated with creatures yet. You can also sail and see other players’ ships sailing under the rocks and between the islands, potentially fighting other players. You can also see different waterfalls in the same tropical region. 

01:26 – Many leaked videos also appeared online that can be connected to this zone. First is the video of a hidden waterfall in that same area. Some people think it’s a beginning of a video showcasing an Alpha zone or something related to it. Next is a video of an underwater entrance to a dungeon beside a wrecked ship. So stay tuned because Alpha 1 is only a month away.

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