Ashes of Creation MMORPG – Gearing Your Character: Your Guide to Weapons!

One of the things that we need to look out in Ashes of Creation is the gears and weapons. As we all know weapons will determine a player’s damage output alongside with other conditions and factors that build your character. And with any MMORPG weapons are really one of the things we look forward to and keep our eyes on, so without further ado let’s jump to our weapon guide in AoC. 

Like any other MMORPG the weapon types in AoC can be familiar to some of you or new to you. Weapons like armor are not limited to specific classes but it may or may not be more effective depending on the class you’re playing. In the early stage of the game your character will have 2 weapon slots for weapons like swords, shields and axes. You will also have a range slot for bows, staff or wands and such. Each weapon will have its own progression path and own type of skills. So that means as you progress through the game you will have the opportunity to change the abilities and its special effects. You can also specialize into weapon combat trees that will increase your weapon familiarity thus increasing abilities and can increase proc effects that your weapon has. Some of these prof effects may reduce or reset cooldowns of your other abilities.

You can also customize your weapons with different gear augmentations and enchantments for weapons. For the weapon types you can see One-handed and Two-handed axes, Bows, Clubs, Crossbows, Daggers, Lances, Maces, Orbs, Polearms or Halberds, Potion launchers, Scepters, Shields, Spears, Spell books, Staves, and One-handed and Two-handed swords. Hammers and Potion launchers are also being considered to be in the game but aren’t final yet. 

The weapons equipped will show in your character’s appearance, ranged weapons and shields will be put on your back and on your belt you will see melee weapons, potions, pouches and scrolls. 

There will also be legendary weapons and items in the game that you can obtain. These will not be RNG based and can be obtained with various components such as crafting, gathering and processing. Along with efforts from PvP and PvE this links all together to make weapons and armors that truly feel legendary. There will also be legendary equipment that drops from legendary world bosses that will also unlock other chapters of AoC’s lore. These items might be extremely difficult to obtain making it the only item existing on a server at any given time. 

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