Ashes of Creation MMORPG – Lore of the Aela Humans!

0:07 – Ashes of Creation’s world Verra is a world with abundant and diverse cultures. Much of its significant history has been governed by the major races according to Creative Director Steven Sharif. The four parent races are Dünzenkell Dwarves, Kaivek Orcs, Pyrian Elves, and the Aela Humans. What you are about to read is more details about the Aela Humans. 

The Aela Humans are the most recent heir of the once-great house of Lyneth. Looking back, it was only during the dawn of the Great War of the Undying that the house fell. Since there is no suitable successor to the Lyneth throne, the country fell into anarchy and it resulted in the rise of a fragile republic. They are supervised by the Emperor elected through the Council of Five – who oversee the greatest cities on the Aelan Empire. 

0:51 – The Aelan Empire is by far the largest nation in all of Verra as their borders touch upon every other nation. Due to their vast land and their interest to expand on the seas of Verra, they are capable of deploying their widely feared armies to any shore.

1:26 – There are also two types of Aela Humans, the Kaelar and Vaelune. Kaelar is created in the foundation principle of build, order, and civilization. The Kaelar Empire largely expanded and they plan to do the same in the new world. Due to their remarkable loyalty to their roots, the Kaelar will rise to the challenge.

1:51 – Meanwhile, the Vaelune lives by trade, law, and hardship, as they were forged in the heat of the desert they are also known as the blade that bends but does not break. The Vaelune grew into one of the most prosperous empires in Sanctus. However, their conditions have taught them what it means to kill or be killed. 

There are more races to explore and know in Ashes of Creation. Make sure to watch out for more details about them!

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