Ashes of Creation MMORPG – March Livestream Breakdown!

The month of March is about to end. That is why we will give you a breakdown of the Livestream that has happened for Ashes of Creation.

As you all may know,  the Alpha 1 NDA drop and its Alpha 1 testing has been pushed back to May 14th  because the developers want to make sure that it is all in order before showing it to the public. They also allow buy-ins for testing right now but keep in mind that you are only buying-in for testing purposes and not the complete game, so think carefully before spending your money on this.

The unreal dungeon that AoC runs on has been updated to version 4.26, the latest version of this engine released last December 2020.

In the gameplay of Alpha 1, you will see some new starting zone changes, and it is a lot less cluttered, not like in 2019. The team also improved some parts, like the trees gained a more deadly look, not like before. We also learned what we could expect more in alpha one, like combat changes, 6 or 7 Dungeons with a semi-raid level, a raid-level world boss, and two or more party-level bosses. You might also see some Nodes to progress up to the village, and finally, there will be nine of these nodes in Alpha 1. 

For the objects in Alpha 1, you will see some cages, bones, buildings for the slayborns,  wrecked ships, and some areas that are still work in progress.

For the characters’ design, you have the harvest garb design cosmetic and the steel soleplate, and so much more to achieve in the game.

Time Stamps:

00:00 – Intro

00:16 – Alpha 1 release

01:36 – Unreal Dungeon update

01:48 – Alpha 1 Gameplay

05:53 – Objects

06:14 – Character Design

06:50 – Outro

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