Ashes of Creation MMORPG – Might of the Murk // JULY 2020 COSMETIC BUNDLES!

0:00– Despite the pandemic, Intrepid Studio was able to release the Might of Murk Cosmetic Bundle. So let’s all take a look with this Ashes of Creation July cosmetic bundle.

0:24 – Intrepid Studios has released the theme of the Might of Murk cosmetic bundle.

0:49 – One of the accessories you might find in the Might of the Murk is the Thicket’s Endowment. The spaulder is formed from the skill of a massive unidentified beast and possesses ferocious latent energy. It is an accessory that can be worn on the shoulder and would look good if your character is wearing the Mireshade Shroud. 

Thicket’s Endowment

1:07– Another accessory is the Mireshade Shroud is a costume cosmetic skin and it is filled with small trophies to mark the accomplishments of Ren’Kai. The leather of the armor is supremely robust and the adornments conveniently serve to camouflage the wearer until a fatal first strike. 

1:24– The Might of Murk also has the Bog Brute which is a pet cosmetic skin and it is known to be nature’s resentment and spite given form. If you have the Bog Brute, it will follow you around Verra. 

Bog Brute

1:32 – There is also the mount cosmetic skin called the Timeless Terrapin. The massive shell of the Terrapin has long become an ecosystem of its own and it is nearly part of the land itself. When provoked, Terrapin will rush forward with an enthusiasm that could rival an earthquake.

Timeless Terrapin

1:58 – There is also a caravan cosmetic skin called the Verdant Voyager. It requires appropriate transport to ensure safe passage. 

Verdant Voyager

2:07 – The Refuge of Tranquil Waters is the freehold building cosmetic skin in the bundle. It is the dwelling of Ren’Kai despite the damp uneasiness surrounding it. It will be perfect for you if you have a freehold plot in a swamp.

Refuge of Tranquil Waters

2:26 – You can purchase the Might of Murk Cosmetic Bundle as well as the Dark Allegiance Bundle. In the Might of Murk Cosmetic Bundle, there will also be items such as Alpha and Beta keys, in-game currency, and subscription time.

Might of Murk Cosmetic Bundle

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