Ashes of Creation MMORPG – The Questing Experience!

One essential ingredient of every MMO are the quests. And every MMOs really do questing in a very different way, in Ashes of Creation they want us to bring a unique player driven experience when it comes to questing. So let’s tackle how will be the questing experience in Ashes of Creation

0:20Narrative Quests

Ashes of Creation will have different types when it comes to quests, one of them is the Narrative quest which are story driven quests. These are the traditional quests where as you partake in these quests, it may relate to the story arc of the game, it can also be personal, cultural or religious related. What makes it different in Ashes of Creation is it won’t be the same narrative quests for each server. The classes and races and its lores are the same for every server, but the nodes developing on different servers can be different, meaning there will be some quests that are available on a server but still locked on other servers. Also if you jump in at the middle of the game after the server has been developed, the game will give a brief description of each server making it easier for you to choose what server you want. There will also be epic and legendary quests that can affect the narrative quest that can unlock some content and may advance the server when it comes to the narrative quests. 

1:38Daily Quests

Daily quests in Ashes of Creation are really different from what we are used to in other games. Daily quests won’t feel an obligation to players to really play every day just to complete or you will miss the rewards. Daily quests will correlate to how the world changes in relation to the opportunities the players have and where you’re located is going to play a factor in it. 


Events will happen depending on the developments in the world. These events will take form as quests and will be scaled to fit in local, regional and global needs. These events will greatly affect the world, meaning if you fail there can be negative consequences and if success in the event there can be positive outcome. Some examples can be a volcanic eruption or even a creature bringing winter until you kill it. Also we can also expect that they will bring seasonal and holiday events. There’s also an event that will be called Monster Coin event, wherein it causes hordes of monsters to attack a specific region based on the world events around.

3:24Quest Difficulty

Questing in Ashes of Creation is really different, it won’t provide you any exclamation marks or question marks that can be a hint to where you can start a quest or turn in the quests you finished. So talking to every NPCs and really exploring the areas will be a must in this game. There will be multiple types of quests based on group size, there will be quests that you can solo, some needs to be done by group, and some will require the help of your guild. Intrepid also wants to avoid repetitive and grinding quests, wherein you just repeat tasks or dungeons just to get the gears or items you need. 

So what are your thoughts on questing in Ashes of Creation? Share it with us and comment down below!

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