Ashes of Creation: Open World Content Complete Overview

As you all know, Ashes of Creation offers Open World Content to its players. But what is an Open World Content? You came to the right place because I will discuss what Open World Content means and its offers.

Monster Coins

Monster coins - Ashes of Creation Wiki

This is an event that appears when a node develops in AoC. This causes a horde of monsters to attack the node. You have to purchase this event in the cosmetic store to participate in it. Finally, your node will receive a little progression if you are victorious from the attack. 

Seasonal Holidays

In this kind of event in AoC, players usually like collecting free cosmetics and materials. However, you will see all of this on the post-launch of Ashes of Creation. 

Ocean Content

Naval Combat and Piracy is another exciting topic in AoC and other MMO games. You can develop Coastal Nodes allowing you to establish contents in the sees. Creating these Coastal Nodes lets you open trade routes on the islands giving you new quests like treasure hunts and even raids. AoC will also feature a new system about shipbuilding in Artisan skill. 

World Bosses


World Bosses in Ashes of Creation appears once a node develops, giving it a dynamic feeling. These World Bosses will be your key to crafting gigantic legendary gear as the materials required for this will come from the World Bosses. 

End Game

In the End Game, there will be three specific entities within the world of Vera. They will be posing threats to the world in Ashes of Creation. Hopefully, there will be an option that the nodes can initiate a PvE siege for the whole server to participate in and take down Atrax’s Fortress. 

Time Stamps:

00:00​ Intro

01:21​ Monster Coins

03:21​ Seasonal Holidays

04:20​ Ocean Content

05:23​ World Bosses

06:35​ End Game

08:27 Outro

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