Ashes of Creation Open World PvP | EXPLAINED IN 5 MINUTES!

Focusing on unstructured or open world PvP that discovers your standard open world topics like ganking players in the wild and how that works. Also discussing Naval combat and Caravan PvP.

Caravan PvP

Caravans will most likely be moving across the world constantly and for many reasons. Their the most efficient when it comes to moving around huge amounts of resources and goods. An exciting part about Caravans are that they create own player emotion that also creates a temporary PvP warzone. Which means, anyone who approaches can choose to attack, defend, or ignore.

Defenders would get some sort of reward based on their success while attackers can actually destroy the caravan which will drop a portion of the goods it carries. Also, attacking caravans does not have any repercussions so be prepared on some surprise attacks.

Open World PvP

Just know that you can be attacked anywhere and anytime when you’re not inside your node. There are consequences to that called “corruption.” The open world PvP has three types: Non-combatants, Combatants, and the Corrupted.

Non-Combatants are characters that are participating only in PvE content and cannot be struck by indirect attacks from flag players. Combatants are PvP flags and is either participating in a PvP like caravans. When a combatant kills a non-combatant they get flagged as red and gain corruption.

Dying in open world PvP means you’re gonna suffer some negatives. Dying as a non-combatant means XP debt, durability loss in your gear, and dropping a randomized character raw material.


Corruption is the mechanic in Ashes that deters griefing and provides a “big risk big reward” for participating in the open world PvP. Gaining corruption means killing non-combatants in the open world thus giving you resources. While doing you’re ill duties like murder, you’ll be tagged in the game as Corrupted.

When dying as a Corrupted, you suffer more penalties than the other two PvP states. You’ll have more XP debt, durability loss, more dropped resources, and most importantly: you’ll even drop equipped gear.

Safe Zones

While majority of the world is open to free-form PvP, you are safer in two specific areas: your housing and your shop stalls. Whether your housing may be inside your nodes or your freehold, you’ll be safe as long as you’re at home. As for shop stalls, you and everything inside them are not subject to open world PvP. Your loots and cabbages are safe as long as they’re in your property.

Naval Combat

A separate portion of PvP and PvE that takes place off-shore where questing and combat can take place at sea. Artisans will be able to use docks and ships. Huge sea monsters will plague the shores and open waters. Warships will blast their foes and watch their enemies sink while collecting their spoils.

War Mounts

Mounts are highly influential on PvP and are extremely limited within the game. Ashes of Creation does not intend to let everyone fly the skies like in many games. They plan to make it extremely restricted except for a few players due to the mounts are incredibly powerful.

Mayors of the five Metropolis nodes and Monarchs of the five Castles will have access to the only guaranteed flying mounts in the game so long as they have their positions.

The mounts currently have the form of breathtaking and might I say badass dragons. Not only that they allow you to fly around the world, but they can also be used in PvP to literally burn your enemies that come in your harm’s way. Dragon eggs will also drop from legendary world bosses and could also provide a time-limited temporary flying mount.


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03:24​ Safe Zones
03:55​ Naval Combat
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