Ashes of Creation: Player Vs Player Complete PVP Overview

When we think of MMORPG it’s impossible that PVP or Player Versus Player will cross our mind. And Ashes of Creation is already setting the expectations of what we can look forward to in terms PVP and how will it work. So let’s jump in and cover all the things you need to know in PVP of Ashes of Creation. 

What is PVP?

Player versus Player will be one of the fundamental elements in every MMORPG. Various rules in PVP in these kinds of games makes it more exciting and challenging for players to really fight and engage with other players. In Ashes of Creation is built around the possibility of PVP, gathering, node progression, grinding, questing, dungeons, everything is open for PVP. However, it is not just simply to attack and fight everyone, there are restrictions to it. Unlike World of Warcraft, AoC doesn’t have a faction system, instead the game is taking PVP on a more free-for-all route that can be seen in sandbox games, like Black Desert online. With that the system is set up in a way that enables you to tag yourself for PVP combat anywhere out in the wild to attack players who may be farming for materials. 


In AoC this flagging mechanic is the main way to fight other players or have PVP out in the world. When you flag up you’ll be classed as PVP enabled and the moment you attack someone your nameplate will turn purple and you become combatant. And as a combatant you are locked in this status for 90 seconds after your last PVP action. If you attack a player who is green and he does not retaliate, this will will count as an unjustified murder and you gain corruption turning your nameplate red. But the game is in the early stages of development so there might be changes with the Corruption system in the future. 


Of course one of the most famous ways that players can enjoy and fight other players is during Arenas. Everyone participating in this game mode will be flagged as combatants. PVP Arenas will be featuring 1 v 1, 3 v 3, and 5 v 5 matches. Like other PVPs this match will lock you up in a certain place with your opponent/s. They are also discussing having a 20 v 20 battleground, it can be, capture the flag or king of the hill mechanic. 

Guild Wars

One of the main PVP features of this game will be the guild wars or as we all know the Castle Siege. Castle Siege objective will be for your guild to take and battle over in a 250 versus 250 open world war. A battle between two guilds, with all real players can really be exciting. Once a month during a server prime time a siege will begin that will allow guilds to take castles and use siege weaponry. When the server is fresh the castle will be occupied by NPCS, but on every month it will be owned and defended by the guild who won it the previous siege. Once a guild owns a castle, it will provide a buff to everyone in the region, the buff that will be given will be decided by the guild that owns it. 

Node Sieges

What makes Ashes of Creations really different from other games is their Nodes system. As we all know each node is grown and developed as time progresses, however as other nodes level up they lock other nodes to progress in the same level as the other nodes. So if a guild or the citizens want to grow a specific node they will need to remove one of the existing nodes, and that is where Node Siege happens

Video Chapters:

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01:44​ What is PvP?

03:14​ Corruption

04:49​ Dynamic PvP

05:49​ Arenas

07:16​ Guild Wars

09:32​ Node Wars

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