Ashes of Creation Pricing, NDA and Release Dates in 2021

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Ashes of Creation is a beautiful, new MMO fully funded to completion by Steven Sharif, a lifelong MMO fan whose main goal is to make the best MMORPG possible.

Ashes of Creation will be self-published, has no aggressive monetization and no pressure from investors or a publisher pushing to launch too early. In other words, it looks like the MMO we have all been waiting for. Watch the video above by TheLazyPeon to learn more!

NDA lifts in May, 2021

May 14 is the first time the NDA lifts. Here is the full NDA / No NDA schedule.

Alpha-1 pre-test 1NDADec 18 – 21, 2021
Alpha-1 pre-test 2NDAFeb 19 – 22, 2021
Alpha-1 preview 1-week testNo NDAMay 14 – 21, 2021*
Alpha-1 one-month testNo NDAJun 1 – 30, 2021
Alpha-2 (persistent alpha)No NDA(date not set)
Beta 1No NDA(date not set)

* The original no-NDA period was March 19 – 26, 2021 but it was delayed to May as publicly announced here:


Ashes of Creation will be a subscription-based MMO just as World of Warcraft, not free-to-play and not pay-to-win.

To play it right now, you need to buy it, and it is not cheap!

Buy Ashes of Creation in the official shop.

PriceAccess grantedNotes
$75Beta 2Cheapest price
$150Beta 1 and 2Cheapest price for Beta 1 access
$250Alpha 2, Beta 1 and 2Cheapest price for Alpha 2 access
$375Alpha 2, Beta 1 and 2Most expensive, but no additional access over $250

$3 million raised on Kickstarter

Ashes of Creation raised $3,271,809 from 19,576 backers in their Kickstarter in 2017. Amazing!


Release dates

Although not officially announced, it looks like the full game release is 2 years away, likely in 2023.

The first persistent world will launch in Alpha-2 sometime after May 6, 2021 (date not set) with no more character wipes between future alphas and betas.

See the confirmed release dates above about the NDA lifting.


Ashes of Creation is the most promising MMO that I (and TheLazyPeon) are personally excited for.

I wrote my Top MMO suggestions describing a new MMO that solve the issues of current MMOs as I see them. My vision, and part of my bucket list, is to build that MMO, but Steven Sharif beat me to executing this vision 🙂

For this reason, and for how amazing the game looks with its unique MMO mechanics, I predict Ashes of Creation will become more popular than World of Warcraft by 2024.

Do you agree?

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